About Edge School


About Us

We are a unique learning community, a place for children in Grades 5-12 to pursue academic excellence while striving to reach their full athletic
 potential. We accommodate the training requirements of a wide range of sports and disciplines, and offer high performance training in dance, golf, figure skating, hockey and soccer as well as providing busy student-athletes in sports such as luge, equestrian, skiing, swimming, tennis, rugby, gymnastics and core training, the opportunity to craft a flexible schedule which meets all their needs.

Balancing athletics and academics helps our students translate success from one area into another. Through that process, they gain confidence. We further their personal growth by incorporating character development into our educational experience.  Indeed, character-building is woven into our very fabric.

Based in Calgary, Alberta, we take pride in the place Edge School has carved in the local community.

Our vision is to become one of the most respected schools internationally for delivering excellence in academics and athletics. We welcome you as you join us on this journey!

To find out more about Edge School and its programs, visit our main website at www.edgeschool.com